ECDL Romania launches “AI Empowered” initiative and optimises digital education and certification

Launch of Adam AI assistant and transformation of test centres into AI hubs of excellence marks a new chapter in digital skills certification

In a significant step towards digitally empowered education, ECDL Romania, the national leader in digital skills certification, continues to introduce advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies into its programmes.

The AI assistant Adam joins the ECDL Romania team and the national network of ECDL Centres becomes AI empowered, preparing to become hubs of innovation and education for new technologies.

This strategic development reflects ECDL Romania’s commitment to respond dynamically to the changing needs of the labour market and the education sector.

Adam, the AI assistant that paves the way to ICDL certification – available around the clock.

The core innovation of this initiative is Adam, an AI assistant designed to provide personalised support and guidance to learners and candidates for ICDL certification. Accessible 24/7, Adam is the permanent portal to ICDL certification, adapting to the behaviour of those interested in digital skills, when and how they want to access information.

Adam is the ECDL AI assistant that provides an adaptive certification experience and answers everyone’s questions, a first step in ECDL Romania’s comprehensive vision to integrate new technologies to improve the accessibility and efficiency of the learning and certification process.

Our centres are now smarter with AI technology as part of the campaign to develop them into ECDL AI Centres of Excellence.

Following the ICDL Insights modules to introduce and understand new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Big Data or IoT, ECDL Romania takes an important step in its development by integrating AI tools into the digital skills development process.

ECDL Romania has launched an ambitious campaign to transform ECDL accredited centres into centres of excellence in AI. This campaign will include extensive resources, specialised training and ongoing support for accredited centres, with the aim of transforming them into hubs of innovation and learning for AI technologies.

This programme is designed to update the skills of the staff and the training and certification offered by the ECDL accredited test centres in Romania to meet the needs of the digital age.

All these steps will significantly improve the overall ECDL/ICDL training, assessment and certification experience, providing the highest quality educational services that are more relevant today for an efficient digitalisation process with real results.

Our country can move towards a future where technology does not scare Romanians, but helps them to live in the reality of the digital age.

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