SME4Green- Capacity Building Program for SMEs

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SME4GREEN – What is it about:

Torino Municipality (Italy) & Ilfov County Council (Romania) are creating Local Green Deals – concrete action plans through which local public and private stakeholders work together towards achieving the green transition.


  • Steering groups formation
  • Co-creation of the Local Green Deals
  • Support for the local SMEs to create new green products/services
  • Are you an SME from Torino or Bucharest-Ilfov Region? Join the SME4GREEN support program!
  • 20 SMEs from the two territories will be selected to join our acceleration program. The acceleration program will be delivered by Măgurele Science Park and

Program tracks:

  • Sustainable business models
  • Innovation management

Track A. Sustainable business models

Objective: The SMEs joining the program will be able to identify sustainable solutions for building new products/services, including financing opportunities

Modules (1-1 mentoring):

  • Sustainable Business Model Canvas
  • Strategic planning for businesses in sustainability
  • How crowdfunding works & is it for my business/products?
  • Pitch training
  • Customized consultancy based on the needs of the selected SMEs

Modules (group sessions):

  • How to develop & run successful crowdfunding campaigns for sustainable businesses/products
  • Financing opportunities for sustainable businesses – including European grant funding
  • Circular economy and sustainability

Track B. Innovation management

Objective: The SMEs joining the program will be able to develop customized plans for managing innovation processes at their level and identify financing opportunities for innovation

Modules (1-1 mentoring):

  • Custom analysis on innovation processes for each SME
  • Custom strategic mentoring on innovation management
  • Methods to grow innovative ideas
  • Tailored recommendations for financial sources to sustain the innovative processes

Modules (group sessions):

  • Methods of Managing Innovation Processes (according to ISO 56002)
  • Methods to integrate green technologies and digitalization in SME procedures
  • Funding opportunities for innovation

General selection criteria for the SMEs that will join the program (both tracks)

We are looking for SMEs from Torino and from Bucharest-Ilfov Region who:

  • Are legally established and active in the two ecosystems during project implementation;
  • Have the SME status (<50 employees for small businesses, <250 for medium enterprises);
  • Are Willing to commit at least 25 hours for this activity between June and August/September.
  • Will sign the memorandum of understanding for the Local Green Deals or are active part of the Local Steering Group;

Additional criteria for track A. The selected SMEs must:

  • Be interested in running a reward based crowdfunding campaign (5 SMEs from the selected ones will run a crowdfunding campaign on consolid8)
  • Have a community (online/offline; client base…)
  • Aim to launch a new/improved sustainable product/service (they will sell in advance a product/service through a possible crowdfunding campaign supported on
  • Be willing to commit at least 2 – 3 hours/day to promote the campaign during its implementation (30 – 45 days)

Additional criteria for track B. The selected SMEs must:

  • Have or are willing to add an innovative component/ approach in the organization


Application deadline:  Continuous enrolment until 25 September 2023; SMEs will be onboarded continuously, so you can apply anytime and discuss a personalized delivery calendar with the mentors;

Program delivery: June – September/October 2023

  • individual 1 – 1 mentorship meetings and monthly general group progress meetings
  • Workshop on developing crowdfunding campaigns for sustainable businesses/products with consolid8 experts
  • Meeting with the Local Green Deal Steering Committee/ask for support
  • Webinar on Financing opportunities for sustainable businesses – including European grant funding
  • Circular economy workshop (tbc)

Implementation of crowdfunding campaigns (at least 5 campaigns) – on consolid8: November 2023 – April 2024

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Mai multe detalii:

You can reach us at [email protected] – contact person: Andrei Groseanu, management consultant.

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