OPEN CALL – identification of local stakeholders who want to get involved and support the SME4GREEN initiative for sustainable local development

The first local green deal in Romania is being developed in Ilfov County!

The Ilfov County and the City of Turin are developing the first local green deals in Romania and Italy within a project co-financed by the European Commission, coordinated by The project aims to create the conditions for cooperation between local SMEs and public authorities by 2024 and to facilitate the development of public policies that support the adoption of green and digital solutions by SMEs in Ilfov and Turin. The project partners are Măgurele Science Park Association in Romania and Environment Park in Italy.

Within the project, one of the important tasks is the analysis of the local policy framework, budget and timelines. The project aims to promote and encourage solutions for collaboration between public administrations and private environments in order to adopt the “green” and digital business models and to develop the resilience of small companies in the two regions. Representatives of all relevant stakeholders will be involved in the development process of local green deals, the co-creation process being guided by experts from Amsterdam – a reference city in the implementation of a green deal.

Within the project:

• 5 SMEs will be supported to run crowdfunding campaigns for the introduction of “green” products on the market, aimed at the circular economy;

• 10 SMEs will benefit from mentoring in innovation and in the development of “green” solutions and digitization;

• The SMEs from the two regions will receive guidance from experts to identify and obtain European financing (managed at national or European level).

The project represents a pioneering initiative in Romania and will explain and apply for the first time the concepts of the European “Green Deal” at the level of authorities and SMEs that will adapt their business models. At European level, the Commission has selected 8 projects that it will support to develop local ecological pacts, which will become examples for new communities. Within this European initiative, local green deals are being developed in Italy, Romania, France, Finland, Germany, Sweden, Croatia, Austria, Denmark, Holland, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Cyprus and Spain.

If you:

  • represent an organization (SME or support organization) from Ilfov county
  • support the idea of ​​sustainable (local) development
  • want to benefit from the services provided by the SME4GREEN expert group
  • want to join this European initiative through which SMEs are supported in the implementation of “green and digital” solutions to develop healthy businesses both from the point of view of economic and social or environmental protection,

Please fill out this Open Call Form.

Thank you for your support and we are waiting for you to join us in the development of the first local green deal in Romania, in Ilfov County.

If you would like further information about SME4GREEN, please contact us here:

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