Social media trends to follow in 2024

Trends are such an ambivalent thing. They can become obsessive and make you stress uselessly about the way society wants to mold you (see the hysteria fashion creates every year), but they can also tell you how to adapt in order to succeed.

And as you run a business, you should be receptive at the rapid changes that happen around you. And in this category we also include social media trends, of course.

As you would probably expect, 2024 comes with a bunch of changes regarding the way you should approach your social media presence. Even though it is not an easy job to do, paying attention to them and trying to put them in practice can make a huge difference.

Let`s briefly discuss about some of them.

  1. Let`s begin with Instagram. This year, specialists talk about relaxation. What does it mean for us? A shift from visual perfection (and here we talk about hyper editing everything in order to look perfect: renting a studio with professional lights, hiring a MUA for the best make-up session etc.) to content perfection. In other words, 2024 prioritizes the quality of the content, not necessarily its quality. For instance, it is ok if you record a video with your smartphone and not with a professional camera, as long as the viewer senses the effort you put in making it. So it`s not what you use for doing it, is what you say and the power of the message.

  1. And speaking of content, in 2024 we should put aside a little bit the how to content. Instead, the trend is to emphasise the personal experience and the way you did / achieved something. We all crave good stories and like to feel part of somebody else`s life, so you should try to make the audience feel included in your materials. Instead of speaking about how to overcome a challenge, next time try to present how you managed to do it, from your own perspective.

  1. Needless to say, AI plays an important role in creating content this year. Brands and businesses should embrace it and try to get rid of the old definition of realness or authenticity, as we were used to grasp it – done exclusively by a human being. Instead, the focus should be on creating an experience for the customer / audience.

Before deciding which task remain in your yard and which can be delegated to an AI app, maybe it would be useful to read more about how different age segments perceive the content generated by AI. You can find more about it here –

  1. 2024 is the year when chasing to be viral is no longer a top priority. There is nothing wrong with it, of course, but the trend for now is to concentrate on reaching smaller communities, approaching a more focused understanding of customer needs. As audience members find a sense of belonging and receive tailored solutions, they are more likely to become satisfied and to spread good word-of-mouth about the brand. So, relevance over popularity on the list of 2024.

  1. Short content stays on place in 2024 and it doesn’t plan to go anywhere. Being compact and delivering very fast the content is preferred, especially by the exponents of Gen Z.

How do you plan to adapt your strategy in 2024?

Luiza Popescu – Communication expert

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