Best Practice Exchange Workshop – #SME4GREEN

The meeting took place at the Ilfov County Council and was focused on sharing the most effective practices that were implemented both at the level of the municipality of Amsterdam and Mannheim.

From how can we support the economic environment to achieve a fair green transition, to the most important aspects related to the actions that civil society can take, but also to examples of initiatives supported by public authorities, a lot of potential solutions were debated, solutions that have already been tested by the partner cities.

We believe that such meetings with international experts help us enormously in achieving the goals of our #SME4GREEN project.

Best Practice Exchange in implementing Local Green Deals | Agenda

January 10th 2024
TimeDiscussion topicPresenter
9:30-10:00Welcome coffee – Registration
10.00 – 10.10Welcome and Opening RemarksȘtefan Rădulescu Ilfov County Council Vicepresident
10.10 – 10.30SME4GREEN – establishing local green deals in Ilfov and Torino – roadmapRaluca Prelucă Project manager
10.30 – 11.30SME4GREEN – who is in the room? Partner presentation Steps taken towards the implementation of the Ilfov & Torino Local GreenLaura Ribotta – Torino Municipality Barbara La Licata – Environment Park Ana Onu – County Council Ilfov Andrei Groșeanu – Măgurele Science Park Raluca Prelucă –
11.30 – 12.00Keynote Address: Implementing the Local Green Deal in Amsterdam (online)Danka Oosterhof – Amsterdam Municipality
12.00 – 13.00Lunch
13.00 – 13.30Keynote Address: Implementing the Local Green Deal in other cities (ALLIANCE – Alliance for Local green deals and Innovative Action for resilient Cities and Enterprises)Niklas Mischkowski – ICLEI
13.30 – 15.00Sharing stories: SMEs activity in the Local Green Deal Identifying synergies between the LGDs and future possible collaborations – part I Group activity: Overcoming Challenges in Implementation Community Engagement and InclusivityRaluca Prelucă – facilitator Ilfov SMEs presentation
15.00 – 15.30Coffee break
15.30 – 16.00Identifying synergies between the LGDs and future possible collaborations – part II Group activity: Policy and Governance Collaboration and Next StepsRaluca Prelucă – facilitator

Our partners from Italy (Environment Park, Mercato Circolare and Città di Torino) were present in Bucharest to participate at the workshop on January 10, and because of that, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to spend a little more time with them. The next day, we invited them for a coffee at the MSP office to identify potential developments of our collaboration.

The day continued with a visit to IFIN-HH („Horia Hulubei” National Institute of Physics and Nuclear Engineering) in Măgurele, where Dan Gabriel Ghiță, nuclear physics engineer, was kind enough to guide us in a tour within the ELI-NP infrastructure, where the largest laser in the world is located. We thank him for the captivating presentation, but also for the patience with which he answered the many questions.

We hope to have more of these days, full of innovation, collaboration and exchange of ideas that will generate new opportunities for our communities.

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