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Enabling I-XII students from Ilfov County to access technology and build the future!

SmartLab functions as a free educational center where children and teenagers are welcomed together with their teachers, to learn and experiment with state-of-the-art technologies.

Concepts of modeling and 3D printing, are assimilated through play, based on small projects that stimulate imagination and creativity. 

Groups must not exceed 8 students and they must be accompanied by a teacher or parent. During the lab visit, students will be guided by a member of the MSP team who will help them use the equipment.


The smart digital laboratory is available to students and teachers from the schools and high schools of Ilfov County, free of charge, with a prior appointment.

Capacity: for 8 students.

SmartLab Măgurele

Romania’s educational model remains predominantly theoretical, failing to adequately equip graduates for real-world employment, let alone future job prospects. Enter SmartLab Măgurele, a valuable opportunity for Ilfov County students to acquire digital skills and engage with cutting-edge equipment. These competencies will better prepare them for the evolving job market, where digital proficiency is increasingly vital.

Notably, SmartLab Măgurele is a forward-looking initiative led by the Măgurele Science Park Association.

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Video Resources

Introduction in the 3d world - Tinkercad

Learn 3D Modeling

Local Contests - 3D Modeling

It is very important that we adapt education to the challenges that society faces. Implicitly, among them, jobs play a very important role, in all that they entail.

The 3D modeling and printing competitions organized by MSP aim to bring students closer to the 3D modeling and printing processes, which have gained popularity and have a very high applicability in various domains (such as medicine, construction, or the movie industry).

Thus, students receive a challenge, and based on it, guided by the MSP team, they create interactive projects that combine 3D processes with their school activity, in order to make it more interesting and easier to understand.


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Măgurele | Ilfov – 407 Atomiștilor Street | 2nd Floor

SmartLab Măgurele is a project developed by the Măgurele Science Park Association and is carried out with the support of the INACO Association – Initiative for Competitiveness and the Ilfov County Council.


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