MSP is participating in GoTech World, the largest IT expo-conference in Central and Eastern Europe.

GoTech World, the largest IT & Digital expo-conference in Central and Eastern Europe, will take place this year on November 8 and 9 at Romexpo, Pavilion B1. Artificial Intelligence will be the star of this edition, and in addition to the main innovations in the field presented by top international speakers to provide more clarity on the subject, visitors can also discover the technological solutions of the exhibiting companies.

The event will bring together top global and local speakers who will address topics such as the evolution of wearable devices and how they are becoming smarter, updates in blockchain, Web3, and the metaverse, the exploration of satellite technology, proactive measures against data vulnerabilities, the digital fraud landscape with a focus on identity theft, the state of cybersecurity in Romania, and the concept of CleanTech and value creation through sustainable standards.

GoTech World 2023 will maintain the successful structure of previous editions, including an extensive exhibition area where the most important players in the IT, tech, and digital industries will present their innovative solutions. There will also be 11 debate stages, including the Main Stage, Java, DevOps, Retail & E-commerce, Cybersecurity, Business Transformation, Smart City, UX/UI, and, starting this year, Sustainability Stage and AI Stage.

At the same time, a series of captivating themes will be discussed on the new stage dedicated to artificial intelligence. An important topic is the AI solutions developed for companies that can be applied in various areas such as finance, IT, and the public sector, with the potential to revolutionize how these domains operate. Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence into art and marketing will be another highly interesting theme addressed on the AI stage, such as Midjourney generated images, which use advanced AI techniques to create impressive visual works.

The “Măgurele Science Park” Association will be present at the event and will host the networking area under the theme “Changing times. Jump into the spotlight.” There, visitors can interact with four partners from the MSP community (Fia Integra, Unbox, Jobful, and Atlas Navi) on both days of the event. On November 8, the public is invited to the panel “Value, creation, opportunities. Adopt transformation to achieve broader strategic goals for greater impact,” which will bring specialists to discuss the opportunities and challenges that the concept of business transformation brings to various industries and how the Enterprise Europe Network can help companies achieve their strategic objectives with a greater impact. The panel will take place at 12:45.

Tickets for GoTech World can be purchased here.-

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