Collaboration opportunity – survey on your company interest in the “Magurele Science Park” project

Magurele Science Park (MSP) will be one of the first science and technology parks in Romania with “critical dimensions”, both at national level and in South-East Europe. By providing a location where companies and researchers operate very close to one another, science parks create an environment that fosters collaboration and innovation and promotes technology transfer and commercialisation. Strategically positioned between various economic centres in western and eastern Europe and the Balkans, MSP can be transformed into a large technological hub where knowledge-intensive activities will be fuelled and transformed into innovative market ideas.

The MSP bases have already been established:

1. An initial feasibility study – carried out in 2017

2. The necessary land (5.5 ha in phase 1 and 10.5 ha in phase 2) is provided by the Ilfov County Council

3. The main construction plan was realised – the auction for the PT is in the contracting phase and the construction auction will follow in 2020;

4. The European Investment Bank (EIB) has prepared the Business Plan and Terms of Reference for other future consultancy services.

MSP will include a technological transfer centre, an innovation centre, an incubator, joint laboratories to prove the feasibility of the concept, a building for management activities, activity spaces for SMEs and large technological companies, and various other spaces and buildings for services, recreation and technical assistance.

With your support, by using a survey, we want to validate the availability and potential of innovative companies in the region to establish their presence in MSP.

If you would like to be part of the new ecosystem to be created, either being located in the MSP location or to partner with those established in the new location, please continue with this survey:

Magurele Science Park

It will take you 10 -15 minutes to complete the questionnaire


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