PORR Romania embraces digitization, as it was proven by the DEEPSOIL (Digital Enduring Earthworks Performance & Survey on Intelligent Logistics) project, developed within the Sibiu-Pitești Highway project, Lot 1. The purpose is to identify the needs of the organization, to test the best performing methods and technologies and to implement the ones that best align with the companies’ objectives. With an impact on the entire execution process, DEEPSOIL project uses new concepts like: BIM, Machine Control Systems and Aerial Photogrammetry.

Developed in collaboration with our colleagues from PORR Austria, DEEPSOIL strategy follows the European digitization trends. All systems, software and equipment are working together in an integrated environment that seeks efficiency and involvement of all participants: people, systems, technologies, business structures and practices. They ensure better coordination and reliable completion of projects: on time, price stable and execution to the highest standards.

The use of BIM concept for infrastructure projects has required additional research and development, in order to have similar benefits with BIM for Buildings. The know-how gained in this regard made it possible to create an object library, model the technical project with intelligent objects and automate various workflows.

Regarding Machine Control Systems, the new features are focused on fleet management. Once the BIM models are available in a CDE (Common Data Environment), through dedicated platforms and relatively simple tools, the construction machines are monitored and managed online.

Using 3D models together with GPS positioning systems, we can create complex surfaces much easier and faster, while fully respecting project requirements. In this way, operators can check the quality of surfaces by themselves, there are no physical markers required, resources are used efficiently, material losses are minimized and safety on site is improved.

New production monitoring methods aim for greater coverage in less time, to measure and graphically represent objectives of interest. To this purpose, PORR performs drone measurements and photogrammetric data processing. This technology is more efficient, not only economically but also qualitatively. Data generated out of regular drone flights are integrated into the common data environment (CDE), into the centralized project.

The implementation strategy involves a smooth transition, which does not affect the productivity or workflows in the company as the new solutions are implemented. In the construction industry, the completion of a project depends on the collaboration and coordination of several parties involved, but each is in a different stage of digital transformation. In this regard, the Innovation Department is also working on how new solutions coexist with 2D drawings or 3D modeling applications that are already in use.

PORR promotes the use of BIM at all stages of a project due to the abundance of benefits to the construction industry, which are not limited to transparency, coordination, improved decision-making and easy achievement of environmental and sustainability objectives.

Irina Dumitru,

BIM Coordinator at PORR Romania

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