SmartLab Informational Visit at ApolloKids School

New Year, new Forces. We kicked off 2024 on the right foot with the promise to continue educational activities with even more enthusiasm.

Our colleagues, Florentina and Laurențiu, visited Apollokids School for an informative SmartLab session with elementary school students from the 3rd-grade classes.

It started with a discussion about the utility of 3D modeling and printing processes in future industries and a brief introduction to the Tinkercad 3D modeling program and each class of students printed small-scale projects (keychains and totems). The students expressed their enthusiasm to participate in future thematic courses and this is the best thing that could have happened to us.

We are continuing to promote the processes of 3D modeling and printing, emphasizing their importance in numerous significant industries. Through interactive activities, we encourage the delightful curiosity of young minds.

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